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Our specialty is matching horses with riders.

Riding International specializes in finding the ideal horse for every rider.
Our network of professionals in major European countries enable us to have a vast choice of Show Jumping and Dressage horses.
The 36 years of experience of Greg Voglis as a horseman, trainer and rider in both Europe and the United States is the reason for our success..

Horses for sale

We import and export Sport Horses of all ages for Amateur and Professional Riders in Dressage and Show Jumping

Quelly Briquedalle


Quelly is a Selle Francais mare, born in 2004 in Normandy. She was purchased by Greg as a 4 year old. She was moved to Greece where she was trained and ridden by him for 13 years. Their match made them a successful pair in both National and International Show Jumping competitions.
At the age of 17 she was retired from the Sport and now is living in Greg’s farm in Thessaloniki, in Greece where she is having a wonderful retirment.

Father: J’ai L’espoir D’Elle
Mother:  Glaudys Briquedalle