Athens Equestrian Festival 2019 – ΟΚΙΜ

The biggest show jumping event (CSIO*5-W) ever held in Greece was on July 25-28, 2019 at the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Center: The LONGINES FEI Jumping Nations Cup Division 2 Final.

The show took place at the Athens Equestrian Festival where two more international shows were conducted, Nuxe CS12* and PremiuMares CSIYH1*.

Four athletes from the Hellenic Riding Club participated in the Athens Equestrian Festival together with fellow athletes from 13 other countries.

At CSIO5* Greg Voglis with Quelly Briquadele and Seline Popp with Brandy Sugar.

At CS12* Greg Voglis with Imago II and Carpe diem YH, Seline Popp with Dankaan YH, Semeli Popp with Arabella and Christina Orfanou with Bombay de Mars.

Thriving already from day one, the coach of the Hellenic Riding Club, Greg Voglis came 4th in CSIO5 Eurobank (1,50m) with Quelly Briquedalle. Demy Iglesi with Fulanda, who is trained at HRC, won the gold in category 1,15m CSI2*. At 5th place we have Anna Levy with GIJS, who also is trained at our club.

Second day results of the Athens Equestrian Festival 2019, Greg Voglis with Carpe diem took the 6th place at CSI YH1* PremiuMares! Seline Popp with Brandy Sugar comes 12th at CSIO5* Protergia!

On the third day at CSI YH1* PremiuMares (1.30m) Seline Popp with Dankaan took the 4th place and Greg Voglis with Carpe Diem the 8th. At CSI2* (1.20m) Semeli Popp with Arabella II came 6th and Anna levy with GIJS took the 8th place.

At CSIO5* FEI World cup Athens (1.60m) Seline Popp with Brandy Sugar received the 11th place.

On the last day of the competition Semeli Popp with Arabella II made it to the 5th place at CSI2* (1.25m) and Greg Voglis with Imago II took the 8th place at CSI2* Nuxe Grand Prix!

The outstanding performances by Greg Voglis with Quelly Briquedalle, Alexandros Fourlis with Grandeur and Aggelos Touloupis with Idealisca took the Greek Team to the 5th place at the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup of Greece.

Congratulations to all!